roots, rooting, rooted
1) N-COUNT: usu pl The roots of a plant are the parts of it that grow under the ground.

...the twisted roots of an apple tree.

2) V-ERG If you root a plant or cutting or if it roots, roots form on the bottom of its stem and it starts to grow.

Most plants will root in about six to eight weeks...

[V n] Root the cuttings in a heated propagator.

3) ADJ: ADJ n Root vegetables or root crops are grown for their roots which are large and can be eaten.

...root crops such as carrots and potatoes.

4) N-COUNT The root of a hair or tooth is the part of it that is underneath the skin.

...decay around the roots of teeth.

...wax strips which remove hairs cleanly from the root.

5) N-PLURAL: usu poss N You can refer to the place or culture that a person or their family comes from as their roots.

I am proud of my Brazilian roots...

It's 21 years since she first moved to Britain from the Lebanon, but she hasn't forgotten her roots.

6) N-UNCOUNT: oft N n Roots is used to refer to pop music, especially reggae, that is strongly influenced by the traditional music of the culture that it originally came from.

...superb roots reggae by the likes of Little Roy and Wailing Souls.

7) N-COUNT: usu the N of n You can refer to the cause of a problem or of an unpleasant situation as the root of it or the roots of it.

We got to the root of the problem...

This lack of recognition was at the root of the dispute...

His sense of guilt had its roots in his childhood loss of his younger sister...

They were treating symptoms and not the root cause.

8) N-COUNT The root of a word is the part that contains its meaning and to which other parts can be added. [TECHNICAL]

The word `secretary' comes from the same Latin root as the word `secret'.

9) VERB If you root through or in something, you search for something by moving other things around.

[V prep] She rooted through the bag, found what she wanted, and headed toward the door...

[V prep] Dogs root in the debris at the roadside.

10) See also , cube root, , square root
11) PHRASE: PHR after v, PHR n If something has been completely changed or destroyed, you can say that it has been changed or destroyed root and branch. [WRITTEN]

The forces of National Socialism were transforming Germany root and branch...

Some prison practices are in need of root and branch reform.

12) PHRASE: V inflects If someone puts down roots, they make a place their home, for example by taking part in activities there or by making a lot of friends there.

When they got to Montana, they put down roots and built a life.

13) PHRASE: V inflects If an idea, belief, or custom takes root, it becomes established among a group of people.

Time would be needed for democracy to take root...

Without a sensible sex education all kinds of strange and fantastic ideas will take root.

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